Republican Convention

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) (Photo by T.J. Kirkpatrick/Getty Images)

Opinion: The RNC Must Allow Ron Paul To Speak At The Convention

Paul not only speaks to many people but also for many people. He has earned his right to speak – regardless of the rules and politics.


Attendees at the California GOP Convention in Burlingame, February 26, 2012. (CBS)

California Republicans Seek Momentum From Burlingame Convention

Republican delegates wrapped up their state convention in Burlingame over the weekend by approving a conservative party platform – one which the GOP hopes will broaden its appeal in the face of declining voter-registration numbers in California.



California GOP Convention: Party Struggles With Young Voters, Minorities

California’s Republican Party leaders took steps Saturday to try to reset their image and broaden the party’s appeal to Hispanics, Asians, young voters and women, groups they need to stay relevant and reverse tanking registration numbers and election losses.


Fiorina Critical of Boxer at Convention

SAN DIEGO (KCBS) _ U.S. Senate hopeful Carly Fiorina called for Congressional term limits among other things during a speech at this weekend’s  California Republican Party convention in San Diego.