Baby boomers at a job fair. (CBS SF)

Smart Job Tips For Baby Boomers And Seniors

Jill Schlesinger looks at job opportunities for retirees in today’s Jobs Report.


San Jose City Hall

Judge Hands Down Ruling On San Jose Pension Reform Measure

Unions representing San Jose city employees and Mayor Chuck Reed claimed victory following a judge’s ruling on a pension reform measure approved by voters last year.


Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan (Photo by Darren Hauck/Getty Images)

Opinion: Ryan VP Pick Changes Electoral Math

Paul Ryan has changed the Electoral College math. With the pick, Romney has chosen a path that writes off almost all of the country and focuses the election on the industrial Midwest.


A San Francisco Fire Department fire engine. (CBS)

San Francisco Program To Keep More Cops, Firefighters On The Street

The City of San Francisco is launching a long-term program aimed at putting more firefighters and police officers on the streets, with the ultimate goals of making the city safer, replacing retirees and cutting down on overtime.


San Francisco Police Officers

SF Police Chief Calls For More Academies, New Officers

Despite expecting to add several officers this summer, the police department is still hundreds of officers short.



Shrinking Budget Affecting Retirees In Contra Costa County

Retirees in Contra Costa County are not happy about a new health plan that has them paying a higher co-payment.