(Credit: Brandon Mercer / CBS SF)

Seagull Takes On Banana In Bizarre Bird Behavior

It takes quite a scene for joggers, tourists, and late-for-the morning-board-meeting business execs fleeing their ferries to stop dead in their tracks on the Embarcadero, but a lone seagull trying to eat half its weight in banana had just that effect Thursday.


An image taken from video recorded as a seagull flew above the San Francisco Bay. (Nathalie Rollandin/YouTube).

Bold Seagull Snatches Camera From SF Tourist, Shoots Golden Gate Sunset

A seagull captured some stunning images of a San Francisco sunset after making off with a camera being used by an Italian tourist.


Seagull, sea gull

Unlucky Seagull Hits Oakland Power Lines, Leaves Thousands In The Dark

A seagull flew into some power lines in Oakland Thursday morning, briefly knocking out power to about 6,600 PG&E customers, a utility spokeswoman said.


Seagull, sea gull

Seagull Hits Capitola Power Lines; Cuts Power To 10,000

A seagull flew into two power lines Monday morning, causing an outage that affected about 10,000 residents of the Capitola area, a PG&E spokeswoman said.

CBS San Francisco–05/16/2011

Seagull, sea gull

Seagulls Drop In; San Jose Residents Duck & Cover

No one is sure how many seagulls have been alighting on South San Jose over the past few weeks, but the tell tale signs are hard to miss.



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