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Falcons And Drones Deployed To Monitor Rooftop Nests In Order To Protect Seagulls

A California seaside community plans to deploy drones to record video of rooftop nests that need to be removed to protect seagulls.


Claudia and Charles de Gull, have two eggs in a nest they built atop a 5-inch cannon on the SS Jeremiah O'Brien in San Francisco Bay.

Pair Of Gulls Nesting On WWII Ship In SF Bay Expecting Chicks

A pair of Western Gulls with a nest on a famous World War II ship docked along San Francisco’s waterfront are about to become parents.



Good Question: Why Do Seagulls Show Up At The End Of Giants Games?

At the ballpark, it’s all about timing. But we’re not talking about the players. Whitney Gould asked this Good Question: How do seagulls know when to show up at AT&T Park at the end of a Giants game?

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–08/31/2011

A seagull with a beer can around its neck was spotted near San Francisco State University on Wednesday, November 17, 2010. (

2nd Seagull With Beer Can Around Neck Saved In San Francisco

Wildlife advocates are asking for help in finding the person responsible for abusing several Bay Area seagulls.


Restored Salt Marsh in San Francsico Bay.

Bay Wetlands Restoration Underway In Alviso Area Of San Jose

The destruction of a levee near Alviso will restore more than 300 acres of a salt pond to their natural habitat.


A seagull with a beer can collar at Lake Merced in San Francisco. (WildRescue)

Rescue Group Seeks Funds To Help Collared Seagulls

A wildlife rescue group said beer can chokers worn by at least three seagulls from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay are no joke—and no accident.

CBS San Francisco–11/08/2010

A seagull found with a beer can around its neck. (Don Battle)

Bay Area Seagulls Found With Jagged Collars On Neck

Three seagulls with jagged beer-can collars slipped around their necks have been discovered in the Bay Area.