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Rumors Swirl Over Facebook Mystery ‘Press Event’

Facebook’s mystery “press event” on Tuesday could reveal a more robust search feature that would intensify the competition between the social networking giant and its rival Google Inc.


Apple Introduces A New iPad

iPad, Android Tablet Search Engine Designed To Rival Google

Are tablet users looking for an alternative to Google and other search engines designed primarily for PCs?



Microsoft Paints Google As ‘Lousy Holiday Shopping Guide’ In New Ads

Microsoft is trying to skewer Google as a lousy holiday shopping guide in its latest attempt to divert more traffic to its Bing search engine.


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Tech Report: Google Search To Incorporate Your Gmail Data

Google will now incorporate information gathered from your Gmail account into your search results. The tech giant made the announcement Wednesday in a move that is not yet certain whether it will help or hinder the company.


The websites of Bing, Microsoft and Yahoo are displayed on a computer monitor. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Tech Report: Bing Revamp Includes Social Network Add-Ons To Take On Google

Microsoft is ramping up its fight against Google with a tweak to its Bing search engine by adding social components with connections to both Facebook and Twitter.


Yahoo! Inc. headquarters in Sunnyvale. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Yahoo Facing Major Restructuring, Potential Layoffs

Silicon Valley insiders are buzzing about the potential of thousands of Yahoo layoffs and another company restructuring in the coming weeks.



Tech Report: Google Plans Search Engine Revamp

Rumors abound that Google is planning a new approach to web search that hopes to keep you on their site by giving you facts instead of links.



Google Solidifies Search Engine Dominance Despite Privacy Concerns

Google is almost everyone’s favorite search engine, despite misgivings about data-collection and advertising practices that are widely seen as intrusive.



Tech Report: Google+ Integrates With Search Function, Competitors Cry Foul

A new move by Google to boost its search results has angered some of its Google+ users over privacy and has competitors calling it an unfair advantage.