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Cars drive drive along U.S. 101 in San Francisco. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

San Francisco Supervisors Delay Vote On Tiny Apartments

San Francisco lawmakers have postponed voting on a proposal that would make the city home to some of the smallest apartments in the country.


Embarcadero Center in San Francisco (CBS)

San Francisco May Approve Tiniest Apartments In US

Supervisors are set to vote on Tuesday on a proposed change to the city’s building code that would allow construction of among the tiniest apartments in the country.


Inside a life-size model of a 150 square foot apartment. (CBS)

San Francisco May Allow 150-Square-Foot ‘Shoebox’ Apartments

A developer’s group is proposing the City of San Francisco change its building code to make the smallest living space in an efficiency apartment 150 square feet, down from the current 220 square feet.