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California Water Officials Use Smart Meters To Catch McDonald’s, Other Water Wasters In Real Time

A Southern California city is cracking down on water wasters with a new tool in light of recent water restrictions issued by Gov. Jerry Brown to fight the drought.


A PG&E SmartMeter (CBS)

Peninsula Residents Get Free Energy Audits

Mountain View residents now have a free way to track down the energy guzzling devices and appliances in their homes.


A PG&E SmartMeter. (CBS)

CPUC Approves PG&E SmartMeter Opt Out Charge

California regulators said Pacific Gas & Electric Co. can start charging its customers fees to avoid having wireless utility meters installed in their homes.


A PG&E SmartMeter. (CBS)

State Regulators Consider PG&E SmartMeter Opt-Out Plan

State utility regulators are considering a plan that would allow Pacific Gas & Electric customers in Northern California to pay to switch off the wireless signals on their so called “smart meters.”


A PG&E SmartMeter. (CBS)

Police Arrest San Francisco Woman At Smart Meter Protest

A San Francisco resident attempting to prevent the installation of PG&E smart meters said was arrested Saturday morning during a protest, according to the group Stop Smart Meters.

CBS San Francisco–06/18/2011

A PG&E SmartMeter. (CBS)

Pacific Gas & Electric SmartMeters Coming To Santa Cruz County

At the end of June, Pacific Gas and Electric plans to install SmartMeters in Soquel, Scotts Valley and Watsonville areas where opposition to the wireless devices has been strongest.


A PG&E SmartMeter. (CBS)

PG&E’s Smart Meter Opt-Out Plan Carries Big Price Tag

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. is proposing to allow residents to switch off the wireless signals on their utility meters for a fee, but opponents of the devices aren’t satisfied.


A PG&E SmartMeter. (CBS)

PG&E Introducing Smart Meter Opt-Out Proposal

PG&E was scheduled to submit opt-out procedures Thursday for customers who don’t want to participate in the utility’s SmartMeter program.

CBS San Francisco–03/24/2011

A PG&E SmartMeter. (CBS)

ConsumerWatch: PG&E Customer Blames Smart Meter For Huge Bill

Michael Taylor was shocked when he opened his July PG&E bill. It said he owed the utility company $880. Taylor said his bill is normally about $300 a month.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–12/03/2010

A PG&E SmartMeter. (CBS)

California PUC Rejects Smart Meter Moratorium

California regulators have decided not to block Pacific Gas and Electric Co. from installing Smart Meters despite concerns about the devices’ health effects.

CBS San Francisco–12/03/2010