Staffing Levels

A San Jose Police patrol car. (CBS)

San Jose Police Department To Require Officers To Work Overtime To Cover Patrol Shifts

The new overtime plan is expected to be implemented in the next week or two and would require some officers to work 2-3 hours of overtime on days when staffing is below minimum levels.


The University of California at San Francisco Parnassus campus (UCSF)

Workers At UC Medical Centers Hold Strike Vote

Pension reform and staffing levels are the big issues as thousands of workers at the University of California’s five medical centers vote on a potential strike.


Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan. (Kimhiro Hoshino/AFP/Getty Images)

Retirement, Disability Further Thinning Oakland Police Officer Ranks

The department has lost 16 officers since the beginning of December, with many retiring and others by disability.


Firefighter Graphic

Grand Jury Report Questions Santa Clara County Fire Agencies

A new grand jury report is calling for fire agencies in Santa Clara County to re-evaluate how they are doing business.


Firefighter Graphic

Palo Alto To Study Merging Two Fire Stations

The city wants to change mandatory staffing levels and merge Station 2 and Station 5 to cut costs and improve efficiency.