A computer keyboard. (CBS)

Larry Magid: White House Developing Anti-Hacker Standards

Our technology analyst says the White House has developed standards it hopes will help key industries protect themselves from hackers.


Sequoia High School, Redwood City

California Roll Out New Student Testing Proposal Aimed At Critical Thinking

California’s students may be filling in fewer bubbles on multiple choice standardized tests in the future and writing longer answers instead.


Education Board Considers State Standards

Right now, all states are competing for federal education money. To do that, California has to adopt so-called “common standards” for English, math and other subjects, so it’s in sync with other states.


New Academic Standards Clearer, but CA May Not be Onboard

The common academic standards many states will adopt this fall are clearer and more rigorous than those currently used by three-quarters of all states, according to an analysis by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute. The […]