State Controller John Chiang

Hercules City Hall. (CBS)

Former City Manager Embroiled In Hercules’ Financial Meltdown Found Dead

Former Hercules City Manager Nelson Oliva, who resigned in 2011 amidst the city’s deepening financial struggles, has died, according to city officials.


Downtown San Jose

San Jose Sues Santa Clara County To Recover Millions In Property Taxes

San Jose city officials have accused Santa Clara County of defying a state order to pay millions of dollars in property tax revenue that state officials ruled has been improperly withheld.


John Chiang. (CBS)

State Auditors Critical Of Hercules’ Accounting Records

State Controller John Chiang said in a pair of audits released on Thursday that Hercules has the worst set of accounting records he has ever seen and may have to pay back $2 million in federal and state grants because of poor documentation.


California State Capitol in Sacramento (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

California Revenues Beat Projections In August

State revenues surpassed budget estimates in August by a little more than 2.1 percent.


John Chiang. (CBS)

California Controller Asks Drug Companies For Lower Cost AIDS Medication

California’s State Controller has asked that pharmacuetical companies lower the price of AIDS medications.


John Chiang. (CBS)

California Controller Aims To Prevent Local Corruption

State Controller John Chiang said his office needs more power to oversee local governments and agencies.



Budget Deal May Not Save California From IOUs

The state is saddled with $8 billion of past due bills that will come due as soon as the governor signs a budget, and the state controller said Thursday there is not enough money to pay all of its debts at once.


Schwarzenegger Sues to Enforce Minimum Wage

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCBS)- Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s administration has filed a new lawsuit in an attempt to force the state controller to pay California government workers the federal minimum wage.