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State Senate

The floor of the California Assembly during a recent session. (Getty Images/Justin Sullivan)

Decision At Hand On Prop 28 Term Limit Tweak

Californians were deciding whether to tweak legislative term limits to allow lawmakers to remain in either the Assembly or Senate for up to 12 years.


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Palo Alto Lawmaker’s Bill Would Restrict Use Of Red-Light Cameras

The state Senate has approved restrictions on governments’ use of traffic cameras to catch drivers who run red lights.


California State Capitol in Sacramento (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Panel Cuts Gov. Brown, Lawmakers’ Pay 5 Percent

A state panel on Thursday sent a message about the severity of California’s $15.7 billion budget deficit by approving a 5 percent pay cut for Gov. Jerry Brown, lawmakers and other statewide elected officials.



California State Senate Rejects Lower Penalty For Drug Possession

State senators have rejected a bid to make California the 14th state to end felony penalties for those convicted of possessing small amounts of drugs for personal use.


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Poll Shows California Voters Support Tobacco Tax, Term Limits Measures

California voters appear ready to approve two statewide initiatives on the June 5 ballot, Proposition 28 to shorten legislator term limits and Proposition 29 to increase cigarette taxes, according to a new poll.


(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

California Senate Votes To Ban Gay ‘Conversion’ Therapy

The state Senate has approved what supporters say would be the nation’s first ban on a form of psychotherapy aimed at making gay people straight.


California State Capitol in Sacramento (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Proposition 28 Seeks To Modify Lawmakers’ Term Limits

Proposition 28 on the June 5 primary ballot would reduce the total number of years lawmakers can serve in the Legislature from 14 to 12, but it would allow them to serve all of that in one house.


California State Controller John Chiang. (CBS)

Judge Rules State Controller Can’t Block Lawmakers’ Pay Over Budget Impasse

A judge has affirmed an earlier ruling that the state controller does not have authority to withhold lawmakers’ pay when the Legislature fails to pass a balanced budget on time.


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California Proposal Would Create Fines For Calling, Texting On A Bike

A bill up for debate in the California Senate Transportation Committee would make bike riders subject to fines similar to those imposed on drivers who are caught using a mobile device behind the wheel.


The first draft of the California Citizens Redistricting Commission's Congressional District map. (California Citizens Redistricting Commission)

GOP Urges High Court To Dump New California Voter Maps

Republicans are urging the California Supreme Court to dump newly drawn state Senate districts planned for this year’s election.