Stretching Your Dollar

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ConsumerWatch: Special Discounts Can Stretch Your Dollar At Restaurants

A growing number of restaurants offering its guests discounts based on the time and day of their reservation.


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ConsumerWatch: Which Produce Items Are Worth Buying Organic?

A lot of us spend our shopping time wondering whether it’s worth spending extra money for organically grown fruits and vegetables. An environmental group is offering advice with a list of products that contin the most and least chemicals.


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ConsumerWatch: Stretching Your Dollar At The Salad Bar

Buying lunch at a salad bar can be a great bargain or a bum deal, depending on what ingredients you pick to fill your plate.



ConsumerWatch: Brown Bag Lunches Effective In Stretching Paycheck

Whether you carry it in a brown bag or in an eco-friendly lunchbox, bringing a sandwich from home can save you a lot of money, according to our Sandwich Survey.


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ConsumerWatch: Prepaid Cellphone Plans Can Pay Off For Individuals

According to one estimate, some consumers could save as much as $1,000 over two years by opting for a prepaid or month-to-month plan, instead of a contract plan.