Super Moon Of The Century To Light Up Night Sky November 14thIf you’re a fan of super moons, you’re in for the treat of the century – so far.
Why Have I Never Heard Of The 'Black Moon' Before?It can be confusing and downright technical, but think of a Black Moon as one of four astronomical events which centers around a New Moon or Dark Moon.
Black Supermoon: What (Not) To Look For Wednesday NightA supermoon is ready to take center stage in the night sky this Wednesday, but with a rare twist: it'll be a new moon.
Monday's Harvest Moon Is Also The Final Supermoon Of 2014The 2014 summer of supermoons comes to an end Monday as the orbit brings full moon to its closest point to earth for the final time this year.
Best Meteor Shower Of The Year Peaks Tuesday, 100 Shooting Stars Per Hour Predicted In Perseid ShowerIf you thought July 4th's fireworks were exciting, wait until you see a ball of fire explode overhead in the annual Perseid Meteor Shower, set to peak Tuesday night with 100 shooting stars each hour, and continue for several days afterward.
Final Supermoon Of 2014 On Tap For SeptemberSunday night’s supermoon was the brightest and closest to earth in 20 years, but if you missed it, there is still another spectacular full moon is on tap for September.
The Summer's Second Supermoon To Return Sunday AfternoonWatch the sky for the next Supermoon as it shines this Sunday...
When Is The Next Supermoon? August Full Moon Will Be Closest Pass YetIf you missed Saturday's supermoon, don't worry, you ain't seen nothin' yet as the August 2014 supermoon will be the closest the moon comes to earth all year, and should be the best of the five supermoons of 2014 as it passes within 221,765 miles of us.
Super Moon Lights Up Bay Area Night SkyThe full moon Saturday night is no ordinary full moon. It’s a ‘super’ moon.

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