The Amazing Race

Newlyweds Katie & Max (credit: ©2013 CBS Broadcasting)

‘The Amazing Race’ Races To Season Finale

Which team will cross the finish line first? We’ll find out during the show’s two-hour finale this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on KPIX 5…


The Amazing Race (credit: CBS)

‘The Amazing Race': Skydiving & Sandcastles In Bora Bora

Eleven new teams embarked on a race around the world on Sunday’s premiere of “The Amazing Race,” with their first destination being the island of Bora Bora…


Engaged Couple Wins "The Amazing Race" 2011

Engaged Couple Wins ‘The Amazing Race’ 2011

“The Amazing Race” took its final three teams on a frantic scramble through Atlanta during Sunday’s conclusion of the CBS competition show…


Jeremy Cline and Sandy Draghi of "Amazing Race" (Video Capture/Photo credit by CBS)

‘The Amazing Race’ Takes Off In Taiwan

“The Amazing Race” kicked things off with a flight to Taiwan and the Bay Area’s own Jeremy Cline from Alamo & Sandy Draghi of Dublin makes it in at…


'The Amazing Race:' A New Tune For One Team

‘The Amazing Race:’ A New Tune For One Team

NEW YORK (CBS) – Acappella singers Connor Diemand-Yauman and Jonathan Schwartz are singing a new tune after being kicked off of “the Amazing Race” Sunday on what was their college graduation. PICTURES: “The Amazing Race“ […]

CBS San Francisco–10/17/2010



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