Toxic chemicals

A child plays on a sunny beach. (

Avoid Harmful Chemicals In Your Kids’ Sunscreens – What To Look For

There are chemicals in many sunscreens that can be harmful to kids’ developing bodies.



ConsumerWatch: California Updates Flame Retardant Rules Over Toxic Fears

After years of debate, California is finally updating its 1970s Federal Chemical Regulation in order to create new safety standards for flame retardant and toxic chemicals that are used on everyday products.


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ConsumerWatch: Gov. Brown Says Flame Retardants Toxic, Seeks New Standards

Gov. Jerry Brown is calling for changes to state flammability standards for upholstered furniture in an effort to reduce the use of what he said are toxic flame retardants.


Hazardous materials crews on the 3400 block of Edison Way in Menlo Park after a chemical smell was reported, May 9, 2012. (CBS)

Chemical Smell Prompts Menlo Park Hazmat Response

After fire crews cleared a hazmat in Menlo Park, investigators are now looking into why someone in a parked pickup truck was using a chemical to refine gold.


UCSF Report Says Banned Chemicals Showing Up In Pregnant Women

Researchers suggested, though, that there were simple things that could reduce a woman’s exposure.


San Francisco Bay

Storm Runoff Dumping Toxics Into San Francisco Bay

A new study says urban runoff is dumping heavy loads of mercury, PCBs and other toxic chemicals into San Francisco Bay.

CBS San Francisco–10/06/2010