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Former Google VP Ushers In A New Vision Of Higher Education

Most states have deeply cut spending in higher education since 2008. Meanwhile more students than ever are enrolling.


The campus of San Jose State University (SJSU)

Pass Rates Up For Online Classes At San Jose State

San Jose State University is reporting higher pass rates for students who took online classes in a summer program, a significant improvement over students who took the same classes in the spring.


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Phil Matier: Governor Brown Looks To Bring More Courses Online

The governor is ultimately looking to make the university system a more efficient one, keeping costs down while also getting students out in a timely fashion.


The campus of San Jose State University (SJSU)

San Jose State Offering Low-Cost Online Classes In New Program

Gov. Jerry Brown joined a news conference Tuesday to announce the launch of a pilot project offering low-cost online classes to students at San Jose State University, community colleges, high schools and military veterans.