BART Redoubles Effort To Remove Urine Smell From ElevatorsThe transit agency is redoubling its efforts to remove the stench, but it won't happen overnight.
Pee Problem In BART Elevators Prompts $340K ProjectBART is getting creative in tackling a pee problem on their elevators.
San Francisco To Cover More Public Walls With Paint That Splashes Back PeeSan Francisco officials say they plan to double the number of walls coated with pee-repellent paint because the program to stop people from urinating in public places is working.
Urine May Have Caused Light Pole To Topple Onto Car In San FranciscoA three-story tall lamp post that toppled over onto a car and nearly crushing a driver in San Francisco may have fallen due to corrosion caused by urine.
Pee-Repellent Paint Put On San Francisco Buildings To Deter Public UrinationPeople thinking of relieving themselves against nine buildings in San Francisco may want to think twice, as city crews have just finished painting nine walls with pee repellent paint.
CDC: Blame It On The Pee If Your Eyes Are Red After SwimmingHealth experts and the swimming pool industry have a message for pool swimmers with irritated eyes who blame it on the chlorine: blame it instead on the urine.
Could Pee-Resistant Paint Curb San Francisco’s Public Urination Problem?San Francisco's Department of Public Works is looking into a liquid-resistant paint that would actually splash back at offenders who pee in public on sidewalks walls and in the streets.
Work On Canopy To Keep Elements, Human Waste Out Of BART Escalator Begins At 19th St. Oakland StationWorkers for Bay Area Rapid Transit have begun building an enclosed canopy over the street-level escalator entrance to 19th Street station in Oakland.
SF Sidewalk Cleaners Can't Keep Up With The Call Of NatureSan Francisco has been trying to clean the stench of urine from its streets, an aroma that in several neighborhoods serves as a daily reminder of the failure of a quality of life law passed more than a decade ago.
San Francisco Spends $35,000 To Fund Eco-Friendly Public UrinalThe city of San Francisco spent a $35,000 Community Challenge Grant on a prototype public urinal designed to decrease public urination in the Tenderloin District.

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