Residents Of Dilapidated Richmond Public Housing Complex Get Federal Vouchers To Relocate

After years of living with mold, cockroaches and mice, residents of Richmond’s Hacienda public housing complex will soon begin the process of moving to more habitable dwellings, city officials said Friday.


Bay Area Homeless Vets To Get Helping Hand With Housing

The Bay Area is receiving 280 vouchers to get homeless veterans permanent housing.


Hand Gun

Vouchers From Marin Gun Buyback Can Be Redeemed Next Week

People who received vouchers instead of cash during Marin County’s gun buyback event last month can redeem them Feb. 15, according to the Marin County District Attorney’s Office.


2nd Marin Gun Buyback Event Successful Despite No Cash, No Vouchers

Authorities in Marin took in several dozen guns over the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday – even though the gun owners received nothing in return for their participation in the county’s latest gun surrender program, which took place Monday at the Mill Valley Police Department.


A gun is added to the inventory at the Marin County gun buyback Tuesday. (CBS)

IOUs Issued In Marin Gun Buyback Event May Not Be Good

Marin County’s gun buyback program has become a victim of its own success.


A gun is added to the inventory at the Marin County gun buyback Tuesday. (CBS)

Huge Turnout Overwhelms Marin’s 1st Gun Buyback

The turnout ended up being so big that county officials actually ran out of money within hours, having to hand out vouchers instead.


An airplane lands at nightfall. (CBS)

ConsumerWatch: Airline Travel Vouchers Come With Strings Attached

When an airline makes a mistake, they often offer travel vouchers as a form of compensation, but these vouchers may cost customers more than it’s worth to use them.