Winter Spare the Air

The Menlo Park Fire Protection District ran a live fire training exercise on December 12, 2013, a Winter Spare the Air Day. (CBS)

Menlo Park Firefighters Stage Live Fire Training Amid Spare The Air Alert

A Bay Area fire department is under scrutiny for staging a live fire training exercise, while residents have been banned from wood burning for several days due to poor air quality.


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6th Straight Bay Area Winter Spare The Air Alert Issued For Friday

Yet again, Bay Area residents are being asked to leave their fireplaces and wood stoves unlit during a sixth consecutive “Winter Spare the Air” day on Friday.


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5th Straight Spare The Air Alert, Wood Burning Banned Yet Again

For the fifth day in a row, Bay Area residents on Thursday will have to refrain from lighting up the fireplace or other wood burning sources during yet another Winter Spare the Air alert.


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Bay Area Winter Spare-The-Air Alert Tuesday, Wood Burning Ban Extended

Another Winter Spare the Air Day has been called for Tuesday, prohibiting all wood burning in the Bay Area for another 24-hour period, according to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.


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Bay Area Regulators Get Tough On Winter Wood Burning

As the weather starts to turn colder, the cozy feeling of sitting by a roaring fireplace could lead to a stiff fine if that fire is burning during a winter Spare the Air alert, air quality officials said.


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Pollution Down As Bay Area Winter Spare The Air Days End

The Winter Spare the Air season has ended, and there’s good news to report, as pollution levels from wood burning are down in the Bay Area.


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14th Bay Area Winter Spare The Air Alert Issued For Thursday

Another Spare the Air Day has been announced by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District for Thursday, the 14th for this winter season.


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Steady Weather Pattern To Prompt More Bay Area Spare-The-Air Alerts

Two more winter Spare the Air alerts were issued over this past holiday weekend, and once again hundreds of complaints were made about people burning wood fires in their homes.


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Inspectors Eye Bay Area Chimneys For Spare The Air Violations

Those who burn wood during Winter Spare the Air days are first given a warning, then fined for the second offense.


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8th Bay Area Winter Spare The Air Alert Issued For Wednesday

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has issued its eighth Spare the Air alert for Wednesday and is predicting more could be issued later this week.





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