$4,252 Is San Francisco's New Median Rent PriceSan Francisco’s ridiculous rent prices have gotten even more obscene, with the median rent breaking the $4,000 mark.
Median Rent Jumps To $4,225 In San FranciscoA shocking new number representing the median rent in San Francisco shows just how expensive it is to live in the city.
Zillow To Purchase Trulia For $3.5 BillionReal estate website operator Zillow is buying competitor Trulia, which has its headquarters in San Francisco, in a $3.5 billion all-stock deal.
Home Prices Hit Pre-Recession Levels In Many Bay Area Cities Real estate website Zillow released a report Monday night that shows home prices in dozens of Bay Area cities have hit pre-recession levels. Experts said prices are likely to keep going up for the foreseeable future.
Zillow: 55% Of Bay Area Homes Not Affordable, Prices Rising Beyond Historic HighsBay Area home prices are increasingly unaffordable, and a change in mortgage rates could dramatically worsen the crisis.
SF, SJ Among Top 10 Cities For Renting Rather Than Buying A HomeYou've been told time and time again that buying a home is a better financial option than renting. But that's not true everywhere.
Many Contra Costa Mortgages Still Underwater Despite Rising Home PricesA large portion of property owners in Contra Costa County remain underwater, making payments on mortgages higher than the value of the home, even though overall home prices in the San Francisco Bay Area are climbing upward once again.
Drop In Bay Area Inventory Squeezes 1st-Time Home BuyersDespite low mortgage rates and attractive prices for starter homes in many pockets of the Bay Area, plenty of first-time home buyers are finding the door closed to them, nonetheless.
Tech Report: Zillow Launches Android App That Values Real EstateReal estate website Zillow, has launched a new app for Android that helps people figure out the value of homes and is now aiming to help renters as well.
San Francisco Named Top City For Trick-Or-TreatingThe real estate research website Zillow.com has released its annual top list of best cities to go trick-or-treating, with both San Francisco and San Jose landing at the top.
ConsumerWatch: Homeowners Surprised By Zillow's New EstimatesZillow.com, the popular real estate website known for its instant home appraisals, has changed its way of calculating those values.