Houston Texans Vs FNL’s Dillon Panthers

  • Record Through Week 5
  • Quarterback
    Matt Schaub: During his senior year at West Chester East High School in West Chester, Pennsylvania, he led the school's football team to win the Ches-Mont League championship.
    Matt Seracen: After taking the place of the injured QB1, Seracen drove his Panthers all the way to the Texas State Championship.
  • Coach Quotes
    "It's about the team. And like we said last night, like we said today...Yes we can!"
    "Every man at some point in his life is going to lose a battle. He is going to fight, and he is going to lose. But what makes him a man is at the midst of that battle, he does not lose himself. This game is not over, this battle is not over."
  • Biggest Player Loss Of The Season
    Brian Cushing, ACL tear. Bright side? Announcers get to sound classy announcing "Mister Alexander."
    Jason Street, Spinal injury. Thanks to hindsight, we know that the Panthers kept their heads up after this serious loss. And then literally, keep their heads up.
  • Team Chant
    "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!"
  • Cheerleaders
    There are two sets of twins, Dresdynn & Schuyler and Michelle & Rachel.
    Two words: Lyla Garrity.
  • Field Sponsor
    Reliant - "The Electric Company You Can Rely On"
    Buddy Garrity Motors - "I'm Your Buddy!"
  • Team Mascot
  • Running Back
    Fantasy and real football rockstar, Arian Foster. Not only is he a powerhouse on the field, he's writes poetry, raps, keeps a vegan diet, volunteers with the Boys and Girls Club of Houston and gives back to his home town of Albuquerque, New Mexico!
    Mr. Dillon High School himself, the Ray Rice of Dillon, Texas, Mr. Brian "Smash" Williams. His quick feet and small stature take him to the top, eventually to college, but not without a few steroids along the way.
  • Roots
    Houston Oilers (currently the Tennesee Titans)
    Friday Night Lights (The movie)
Houston Texans. Since 2002 when the Oilers left Houston for Tennessee, the Texans have spent the last 10 years earning their spot in the NFL and proving that they can win just like the best of 'em. Maybe Coach Gary Kubiak doesn't have the most poetic tongue or the family manskills of a perfected fictional father, but this is football and when you're undefeated you're a winner. Texas forever.

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