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Daily Madden

Daily Madden -- 9/3/15

The Coach discusses Tom Brady's 4 game suspension being overturned by a New York judge.

Daily Madden -- 9/2/15

The Coach discusses Media Day as a prime time event, the history of the AFL, Kansas City Chiefs’ Alex Smith’s throwing performance and the rumors Jacksonville Jaguars could move to St. Louis.

Daily Madden -- 9/1/15

The Coach discusses the reasons behind the release of running back Trent Richardson from the Oakland Raiders, the catch by San Francisco 49er Jarryd Hayne against the Broncos over the weekend, the status of Tom Brady with “Deflategate” and New Orleans Saints fans only wearing Drew Bree’s jersey.

Daily Madden - August 31, 2015

The Coach discusses the Oakland Raiders preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Daily Madden - 8/28/15

The Coach discusses the process of pre-season cuts in the NFL and the death of Chocolate Thunder, basketball great Darryl Dawkins.

Daily Madden -- 8/27/15

The Coach discusses the rough play between Baltimore Raven Terrell Suggs and Philadelphia Eagle Sam Bradford, the theories behind multiple ACL injuries effecting NFL players and Jamaican runner Usain Bolt being hit by a cameraman on a Segway.

Daily Madden - 8/26/15

The Coach discusses how NFL teams approach this portion of the pre-season before the first round of roster cuts.

Daily Madden -- 8/25/15

The Coach discusses the release of the video game Madden 16, the rankings of the NFL players in the game, and Aaron Rodgers call to cut the NFL preseason in half.

Daily Madden - 8/24/15

The Coach discusses how 51-year-old golfer Davis Love won the Wyndham Championship, Jarryd Hane’s standing on the San Francisco 49ers, and the NFL calling Terrell Suggs’ hit on Sam Bradford legal.

Daily Madden - 8/21/15

The Coach discusses the new extra point rule being implemented into NFL games this season, Johnny Football’s pre-season performance, and the conversion of Taiwan Jones of the Raiders from cornerback to running back.