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Daily Madden

Daily Madden - 1/23/15 8 am

Madden talks about free-agent pitcher Ryan Vogelsong’s one-year agreement with the Giants and says the New England Patriots' “Deflate-gate” needs a closing soon.

Daily Madden - 1/22/15

Madden talks about New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick and how serious the allegations are that his team used balls that were deflated after being inspected by officials before the game.

Daily Madden - 1/21/15

John Madden weighs in on the latest NFL controversy, "Deflate Gate."

Daily Madden 1/19/15 8a

Coach Madden says the Green Bay Packers left themselves in a position to let Seattle come back. At one point the score was 16 to nothing with the Packers in the lead and Seattle did exactly what the coach said for the victory.
Coach Madden talks NFL strategy and what it would take for the Green Bay Packers to defeat Seattle’s Seahawks. He gives his playfield predictions for the Colts vs. Patriots too.

Daily Madden - 01/16/15 8a

John likes Seattle and New England in this weekend’s championship games. Also: with his introductory news conference behind him, the new 49ers coach has to show what he can do on the field.

Daily Madden 01-15-15

Coach discusses challenges facing the 49ers’ new head coach Jim Tomsula and as well as the Raider’s head coach, Jack Del Rio.

Daily Madden: 1/14/15

John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew that Jack Del Rio, Denver’s defensive coordinator who may be picked as the Raiders new head coach, has built solid teams in the past and if hired, has a good foundation to build on.

Daily Madden - 01/13/15

John Madden says Ohio State Beat Oregon with a strong running game and domination on the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.

Daily Madden - 1/12/15-9am

Rodgers Plays Through His Injury; Manning Cannot


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