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Best Sports Bars For Watching NFL Playoffs

January 1, 2013 11:06 AM

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The 49er’s are yet again on their Quest for Six. If you want to celebrate each playoff victory with other members of the Niner faithful, here’s a list of some of the Bay Area’s best pubs for partaking in football fever:
Noe’s Bar
1199 Church Street, San Francisco
(415) 282-4007If you’re looking for a spot in the bay area with quality music, authentic bar food and plenty of TV screens to watch all your local teams; look no further than Noe’s Bar.  Friendly and enticing staff adds to the experience and ensures you’ll want to become a regular.

camerons inn Best Sports Bars For Watching NFL Playoffs


Cameron’s Inn & Pub

1410 S. Cabrillo Hwy, Half Moon Bay
(650) 726-5705

You’ll spot this Hihway 1 landmark by the double-decker bus and smoking lounge visible just off the road. Inside the pub and Inn is a cozy place to escape the coastal fog, enjoy a pint and make some noise for your favorite team.

The Albatross
1822 San Pablo Avenue
(510) 843-2473

Known for its cozy, laid-back vibe, the Albatross sits slyly on San Pablo Ave., a local secret with an atmosphere that greets you like the guts of an old wooden pirate ship, overflowing with frothy beer and competitive spirits.

chieftan Best Sports Bars For Watching NFL PlayoffsThe Chieftan Irish Pub & Restaurant
198 Fifth Street, San Francisco
(415) 615-0916

The Chieftain was built using mahogany wood, which creates a majestic acoustic environment that is enjoyed at all our live music events. The Chieftain has hosted hundreds of parties and we are San Francisco’s recognized chosen destination for all international sporting events of interest including soccer, rugby and football.

7 Mile House
2800 Bayshore Boulevard, Brisbane
(415) 467-2343
The game is on at 7 Mile House, where the hottest sporting events, live music and great food come together in a vibrant, historic atmosphere! Over the past 150 years, this place has become a stagecoach stop, brothel, biker/trucker hangout, and gambling joint, among others —— all adding to the rich character of the Bay Area’s last original “mile house” left in its original location.

the mad dog in the fog Best Sports Bars For Watching NFL Playoffs

The Mad Dog In The Fog (

Mad Dog in the Fog
530 Haight Street, San Francisco
(415) 626-7279

Mad Dog is open until 2 a.m. every night giving you plenty of time to try all the tasty beers they have on tap as well as their stellar hot wings.  Football is the sport of choice at the Mad Dog and you can find a game on almost any time.

Kezar Pub
770 Stanyan Street, San Francisco
(415) 386-9292

Named best in the city by The San Francisco Chronicle, Kezar’s is home to a variety of television events and games to entertain the whole family. Pool tables, darts, video games and a great television package make Kezar’s a multifaceted sports bar.

mucky duck Best Sports Bars For Watching NFL Playoffs


The Mucky Duck
1315 9th Avenue, San Francisco
(415) 661-4340

The Mucky Duck possesses much more than just a cool name. This bar features an extensive drink menu, plenty of televisions and a lively atmosphere.

Ricky’s Bar and Grill
15028 Hesperian Blvd, San Leandro
(415) 352-0200

Ricky’s was named one of the “top high-tech sports bars” to watch NFL games, according to Commercial Integrator. With over ninety televisions, Ricky’s lives by the motto of, “We’ve got your game.” Not matter what sport you are into, Ricky’s can show it and you never know who you might run into as many athletes and celebrities have been spotted here.


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Bus Stop Saloon
1901 Union Street, San Francisco
(415) 567-6905
Staking it’s claim as the oldest sports bar, the establishment has been a saloon since 1900 when first recognized as the Aly Inn. You’ll find plenty of camaraderie around a wealth of TV’s, but not many empty seats.

the brickyard Best Sports Bars For Watching NFL Playoffs


The Brick Yard
1787 Union Street, San Francisco
(415) 400-4712

Along this stretch of Union Street, amidst the rowdy, drunken high-five-fests, you’ll find a bright, friendly, more mature vibe at the Brick Yard. The Brick Yard has more than enough televisions; including a movie screen cracked open for the truly big games.

Pete’s Tavern
128 King St., San Francisco
(415) 817-5040

Picture a relatively classy frat house turned into a huge bar filled with friendly alumni. And you’ve got Pete’s Tavern. The barbeque is pretty great, but the huge horseshoe bar is where you want to be.

The Britannia Arms
173 W. Santa Clara Street, San Jose
(408) 278-1400

This downtown San Jose hotspot is just a few blocks from the SJ Sharks’ home at the HP Pavilion, and people flock to the Brit for a bite before and a pint after. The bar, giving back all that love shown to it, knows what it takes to make a great place to watch a game, celebrate a win or mourn a loss. There are 24 HDTVs, $20 towers of beer, Pint Night during Tuesday games (featured beer comes with a free glass pint), $1 draft and $1 wings on Monday Night.

tied house Best Sports Bars For Watching NFL Playoffs


Tied House
954 Villa St. Mountain View
(650) 965-2739

Tied House creates its own beers–all ales–grinds its own beef, mixes its own secret spice blend and smokes meats over a dark ale-soaked cherry wood. But before you lift your pinky and think it’s all about good eating, take a look at the massive 120” HD TV and the other 11 HDTVs that make this a sports bar of choice.

The Englander
101 Parrott Street, San Leandro
(510) 357-3571

Ever wondered what an ‘old English Pub’ looks like? Well, tucked away on Parrott Street in San Leandro you’ll discover The Englander Sports Pub & Restaurant. This comfortable, casual and trendy authentic English Pub has become the talk of the Bay Area and beyond.

Don’t see your favorite Sports Bar on the list? Click here to nominate yours.

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  • Ed

    Ed’s Mudville Grill
    6200 Center Street

    • Surftech

      I have to agree with Ed’s Mudville Grill. A very family friendly Sports bar.

      • Clayton Resident

        I agree about Ed”s. It has good food that is reasonable priced. Nice staff too.

  • Ann Shirley

    I nominate the Flatiron in San Rafael. Red Victorian on the corner of B and 2nd. Filled with fans of Bay Area teams, vocal and passionate but not obnoxious (at least the times I’ve been there). Warriors playoffs in 2007 at the Flatiron were unbelievable — a dozen TVs all with that game, people pounding the tables chanting “Let’s go Warriors” as if we were at the game, highfiving each other, booing at Charles Barkley as he dissed Sausalito, etc. The place rocked, literally.

    • The Creator

      Good to know… I was looking for a good candidate in the North Bay.

  • Innersunset bar fly

    I live down the street from the Mucky Duck. It really is not that great. There are plenty of bars within walking distance that are better such as the blackthorn just a couple of feet down from the corner of 9th and Irving. They have much more room and free pool during happy hour. Muck Duck has its loyal regulars and decent bar tenders, but the size of it makes it hard to do anything when it gets packed with 20 or more people and it can be a little over priced. If you are in the inner sunset just take a walk around you should find a bar that suites your taste.

  • Jeff Stone

    Here’s a great place you might not have thought about…YOUR OWN PLACE! lol
    You can sit where you want, you don’t need to have awkward conversations with perfect strangers. The beer is about a $1 a bottle instead of $4 a bottle, not including the tip, which of course, you need to tip 25% per bottle because it’s so heavy for the smiling bartender to hand it to you, oh I forgot, they have to use a mechanical instrument called a bottle opener to open it just for you! So $5 a bottle for beer, a tv, that is too far from you to watch, screaming idiots, women with raging ego and hormones…Wow…sorry…try your own living room with its own controlled mayhem.

    • Jake

      That hurts the economy my friend. Flatscreen is the enemy so are computers.

  • Chris Wright

    The Crown in Danville? Are you serious? Of all the bars in Danville, it is absolutely THE worst for sports.

  • Ninerz

    For a Niner fan anywhere with a Rainbow flag is the best. niners blow.

  • Barry

    Crown in Danville is the WORST for food and service too.
    Might as well watch at a Nursing home.

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