Must-Try Places To Eat Before Going To Oracle Arena

June 4, 2015 5:00 PM

The Golden State Warriors and their fans celebrate a victory in Game Five of the Western Conference Finals against the Houston Rockets during the 2015 NBA Playoffs on May 27, 2015 at ORACLE Arena in Oakland, California. (Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images)

oracle Must Try Places To Eat Before Going To Oracle ArenaOracle Arena (credit: Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images)

So, you’re going to the big game and you’re looking for something to eat that’s a bit more rewarding than a hotdog. On the one hand, hotdogs, beer and ball games are an American tradition. On the other hand, the prices of a “tube steak” can make the price of a real meal seem like a good deal by comparison. Below are but a few examples of the reputable eateries in and around the vicinity of Oracle Arena, ranging from rather elegant sit-down venues to “grab and go.”

 Must Try Places To Eat Before Going To Oracle Arena


Vientian Café
3801 Allendale Ave.
Oakland, CA 94619
(510) 535-2218

This Thai/Laotian restaurant offers truly authentic food. If you like noodles, and who doesn’t, this place will be spot on for you, particularly with its ka piek and ka soy, however, don’t miss the opportunity to try the acclaimed angel wings. If you’ve never tried a crispy rice salad, nam kao, you are in for a treat. There are so many options to choose from and you can eat your food there or take it with you. Add a beer once you get to the game and you’re set.

Guadalajara Restaurant
1001 Fruitvale Ave.
Oakland, CA 94601
(510) 533-7194

Guadalajara Restaurants have an extensive menu and offer many services. If you’re looking for the quintessential hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant that just oozes authenticity and quaint atmosphere, well, this isn’t it, but if you’re looking for decent food efficiently served at competitive prices with easy access to the game, then this would be a good choice. In addition to burritos and tacos, you can pick up a grilled cheese or a decent burger; great if you are going to the game with a crowd with mixed tastes.

Ribs and Things
The Oracle Arena Section 119 & 120
7000 Coliseum Way
Oakland, CA 94621
(510) 633-9393

This business, which is actually at the Coliseum, is owned and operated by Ribs and Things Restaurant in Hayward. You’ll find it at section 122 for Warrior games and section 132 for Raiders and Oakland A’s games. Whether you’re craving ribs, wings, barbecued pork or links, you’ll find it here. At nearly $20, it may seem a bit pricy, but an order can easily feed two and comes with potato salad. Compare this to the price of traditional ballpark hotdogs, nachos or burgers, which will leave you wanting more, and it’s really quite a deal.

The Fat Lady
201 Washington St.
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 465-4996

Now, if you are looking for something more upscale and have the time before the game, give The Fat Lady on Washington Street a try. Talk about ambiance, once a brothel, this venue oozes character and charm. Replete with antiques, collectables, trivia and tradition, you’ll have a lot to hold your attention while you’re waiting for your meal to arrive. And the food is great too. From the pate at $9 to the prime rib at $32 and all the pastas, salads, soups and seafood in between, you’re bound to find something to tantalize your taste buds at this truly trendy eatery.

Francesco’s Restaurant
520 Pardee Drive at Hegenburger Road
Oaklnd, CA 94621
(510) 569-0653

In business for over 40 years as a family-owned Italian resturant, Francesco’s had become a favorite meeting place for lunch or dinner before going to the Coliseum or New Arena. It proudly offers an extensive menu from creative appetizers to innovative pasta dishes. You’ll find everything from linguini in clam sauce to grilled salmon steak. If looking for a lighter option, check out the soup, salad or omelet menu. If looking for more of a ballpark feel, check out the grill menu. If you’re short on time before the game, try the sandwich menu for a quick fix. Francesco’s has everything you need.

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