DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Steven At John McLaren Park

February 27, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr san francisco DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Steven At John McLaren Park

“I really like the driving experience. It’s pretty sporty!”

The Ride
The Driver: Steven
Car in Question: 2006 BMW 33i Sedan
Spotted at: John McLaren Park, University St, San Francisco, CA 94134
Odometer: 41,316
Car’s Nickname: Popcorn


Q: Welcome to Defend Your Ride San Francisco. What’s your name and where are we today?

A: My name is Steven. I day trade for a living. We’re at John McLaren Park in San Francisco.

Q: Do you live around here?

A: Yes, I live around here and come here often to walk my dogs, maybe twice a week.

Q: Great ride. Can you tell us about it?

A: It’s a silver 2006 BMW 33i Sedan. I bought it in July 2006 at a dealership. I bought it through Internet sales, so I already had a price. You email back and forth, so when you go in, you have a price set already. You are just there to test drive it and that’s it.

Q: Wow, that sounds like a seamless way to purchase rather than spending time haggling in person? Would you recommend it for others?

A: Yes, you don’t have to sit in there for hours. I’ve been in car negotiations for four hours before with my friend.

Q: Good to know, so what made you choose this car?

A: I wanted something European. I actually wanted a gray one, but I didn’t want to wait. This one was on the lot already. I really like the driving experience. It’s pretty sporty. I like the steering feel, but there are some electronic problems. The stereo system and navigation system will go out, but that hasn’t happened recently ever since they’ve updated the software. There are some ticking noises and a sensor issue with the passenger seat.

Q: Would you buy that same car today?

A: Probably not. I would get a Civic. It’s easier on gas and it does what this car does anyways.

Q: What’s your main use for the car?

A: Personal use mostly, like trips. I took a road trip down to L.A. with my friends two years ago. We went to Six Flags and then L.A., then to San Diego. This car made it easy.

Q: Why Popcorn?

A: It’s my sister’s dogs name.

Photos and interview by Abigail Kira

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