Lady On A Dime: How To Look Like A Rockstar Couple In SF

August 14, 2012 2:12 PM

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Got a date night ahead but you and your sweetheart can’t manage to look good together? You’re into chic and sexy, but your date wants to be casual? Our intern Petra has a few suggestions how you BOTH can look connected and chic in the city by the Bay.

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Occasion Appropriate:

Practice good “couple-ship” by discussing what kind of occasion you’re dressing for. From business casual or laid-back, the choice is yours as long as you both steer in the right direction. For fancy occasions, the best thing for a guy to wear is a darker suit jacket, preferably matching pants, and a dress shirt. It’s okay to skimp on the dress shirt and spend it on a good suit instead. Men can save money by purchasing suits on sale or from thrift stores, and getting them fitted afterwards. For a more casual look, men can simply exchange their dress pants for dark blue, non-ripped jeans, and a V-neck T-shirt.

Women can dress sharp on the cheap by avoiding outfits that show too much skin. For inspiration, think Michelle Obama or Kate Middleton. Both of these fashion icons stay classy by covering up. For a polished appearance, it is recommended that women wear knee length skirts or pants, a matching jacket and most importantly: good shoes (preferably leather) to go with your outfit. Elegant heels dress up any lady paired with some casual skinny jeans or fancy dress suit. Splurge on some nice shoes, and save your money by getting that cute dress or pant suit from Target, or shop at an upscale consignment store.

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Color Coordinate:

To truly be a ‘rockstar couple’ (think Brangelina or whomever J-Lo happens to be dating this week), make sure you’re walking on the same color palette. You know it’s true love when both of you can agree on similar hues. Decide on three main colors such as blue, black and brown, and gather in front of a mirror to make a final decision which shirt or jacket to exchange for another. You won’t break the bank by getting a T-shirt from H&M, and pair it with a nice jacket from Nordstrom Rack or Banana Republic on sale. If you’re wearing a belt, remember to always match the color of the shoes with the color of your belt. Plain colored shirts and jackets tend to look more elegant while prints and louder colors scream casual. Keep in mind that elegant dressers keep their outfits tonal, often wearing the same (or very similar) color top and bottom.

Dump matching logos, T-shirts or hats:

Seriously, drop the matching beer T-shirts you both got at OctoberFest 2008, and move on. True rockstar couples’ nonchalantly dress as if they just happened to coordinate. Nobody needs to see your cute matchy-matchiness because we probably can already tell that you’re together. Coordinate your colors instead.

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Accessorize for success:

Rule number 1: Less is more! We have so many choices when it comes to bedazzling ourselves that it can be tempting to overdo it. ‘Rockstar couples’ should never steal each others sparkle, especially the men. Women can achieve an elegant look inexpensively by choosing small but real jewelry over fake diamonds. Earrings should only consist of one earring per ear. The same goes for hands. Women (and men) can achieve a classic look by minimizing their ring collection to ideally one, maximum two rings per outfit. Avoid stacking or wearing multiple rings at once. For men, the best way to accessorize is with a nice watch. Faux or genuine, men look more elegant when carrying a neat gold or silver watch with a metal band instead of plastic or leather. Time is money, so gents wear a watch if you want to impress!

Dress to impress:

Lastly don’t forget: It’s always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. So keep shining, and enjoy your evening!

Petra O. – Staff Writer: Petra is a local San Francisco clothing designer and Fashion Week San Diego participant, is constantly involved in improving people’s fashion day by day. Good style doesn’t need to have a costly price tag, and with a few tricks anybody can achieve elegant style without starving one’s wallet.

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