Celebrate ‘Star Wars Day’ in the Bay Area!

May 4, 2014 12:00 AM

173199984 Celebrate Star Wars Day in the Bay Area!(credit: Steve Jennings/Getty Images)

May 4th, Star Wars Day began as a way fans of George Lucas’ epic tale would greet one another. Much like “Be My Valentines” or “Trick of Treat” on Halloween, “May The Fourth Be With You” has become the standard greeting Star Wars fan would say to one another on this day. Ultimately, May 4th became the unofficial Star Wars holiday.

Fans would celebrate by dressing in their favorite Star Wars costume, or having viewing parties of all 6 movies. Some may not realize all the things we in the Bay Area can do on this festive day to pay homage to George Lucas’ greatest creation.

Did you know Lucasfilm is located in the Presidio? You may not be able to walk-in the buildings, but you can take a leisure stroll around the park. You may even catch a statue of a famous Jedi Master. Check out the many things you can do in the Bay Area for Star Wars Day…

StarWars.com Correspondent Bonnie Burton Explains “Star Wars Day”


 Celebrate Star Wars Day in the Bay Area!

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The Yoda Fountain at Lucasfilm – Presidio – San Francisco

Not many people know that some of the special effects in movies are made here in the Bay Area. Specifically at Lucasfilm, located at the Presidio in San Francisco, on the site of the old Letterman General Hospital. George Lucas built this state-of-the-art special effects studio that houses Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) in 2005. Just in front of the lobby of the main building, a statue of Yoda, the short, pointy eared Jedi Master sits atop a fountain. The statue became so popular that it’s become a tourist spot with buses dropping people off to take photos in front of the little guy.

170960834 Celebrate Star Wars Day in the Bay Area!

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The “Other” Yoda Fountain Located In San Anselmo – Marin County

Just 30 minutes north of San Francisco, Imagination Park in San Anselmo sits the second Yoda statue. Standing alongside Yoda is a statue of “Indiana Jones” another of Lucas’ creations.


www melsdrive in Celebrate Star Wars Day in the Bay Area!

(credit: Mels Drive-In)

Mel’s Drive-In

With four locations in San Francisco and four in Southern California, Mel’s Drive-In adorn their walls with the Star Wars producer. Photos line the walls from Lucas’ American Graffiti. Celebrating life in the 50’s and 60’s. Lucas filmed the movie in Northern California and set some of the scenes at a Mel’s Drive-in.

Fallen Arch Celebrate Star Wars Day in the Bay Area!

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Visit The Redwoods

Just a little over 4 hours north of San Francisco, visit Owen R. Cheatham Grove in Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park. This is the location where some of the scenes from Endor was filmed. Just don’t expect to find any Ewoks running around.

[ READ MORE AT parks.ca.gov ]

skywalker ranch main house Celebrate Star Wars Day in the Bay Area!

Skywalker Ranch Main House (credit: Wikipedia.org)


Skywalker Ranch

We strongly urge everyone not to visit Skywalker Ranch in Nicasio. It is private property and is not open to the public. Many tried, many failed.


168070574 Celebrate Star Wars Day in the Bay Area!

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Famous Fans of Star Wars
There are fans and there are celebrity fans of Star Wars. Seth Green for example is an avid Star Wars Fan. His show Robot Chicken mentions the trilogy quite often. Check out who else is a Star Wars fanatic. You might be surprised.

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A ‘Star Wars’ Lightsaber School
Students perform combat moves using lightsabers during a Golden Gate Knights class in saber choreography on February 24, 2013 in San Francisco, California. Star Wars fans Alain Bloch and Matthew Carauddo founded the Golden Gate Knights in 2011 to teach classes on how to safely wield a lightsaber and perform choreographed moves. The three hour class costs ten dollars and all equipment is provided.


And May The Fourth Be With You!


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