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San Francisco’s Hottest Cougar Caves

December 29, 2011 1:35 PM

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When they emerge from their lairs, these older ladies hit the town looking for young, fun prey. Want to find a sexy cougar in San Francisco? These hot spots are known hangouts of the cougar contingent. But watch out, these cougars have claws. Rawr!

Bliss Bar

4026 24th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 826-6200

Maxim Magazine named this Noe Valley Spot one of the 10 Best Cougar Dens in the country. This low-lit lair is home to drinks like the Pomegranate Parfait and the Bartlett Pear Martini. Tigers may love pepper, but cougars love a fruity cocktail. Buy your vixen a stong libation, guide her to one of the cozy leather banquettes and close the deal.

Harry's Bar

2020 Fillmore St.
San Francisco, CA
(415) 921-1000

Another stop on your cougar crawl should be Harry’s Bar. This Fillmore Street hotspot is packed most nights of the week with prime cougar bait: preppy, flirty guys. The sexy low-lighting sets the mood and hides the wrinkes as you spot your prey across a crowded bar. Act fast here. This pick-up spot is popular and you wouldn’t want to lose your cougar to a more confident cub.

Balboa Cafe

3199 Fillmore St.
San Francisco, CA
(415) 921-3944

Home to the classy cougar, the ladies of the Balboa Cafe won’t high-five over their appletini and stumble on their stilettos. Balboa Cafe cougars sip Chardonnay and order civilized salads. They expect to be wooed with charm and humor, respectful flirting and well-placed bon mots. If you’re up for a challenge, you’ll find it at Balboa. And if you get shot down by the cougar of your dreams, comfort yourself with one of Balboa’s terrific burgers.


760 Second St.
San Francisco, CA
(415) 227-8660

Directly across from AT&T Park, cougars flock to Momo’s because these ladies know that cute, young men like baseball and beer. There are plenty of places for cougars to pounce in this sprawling space, including both indoor and outdoor bars, not to mention a massive dining room. Your best bets for finding a woman of a certain age are to scope the front deck area. Cougars like to sun themselves.

Eastside West

3154 Fillmore St.
San Francisco, CA
(415) 885-4000

Anything in this neck of the jungle will provide you with ample cougar hunting opportunities. The Matrix Fillmore, City Tavern and Eastside West are exploding with experienced women in plunging necklines and wedge heels. Want to impress one of these Marina cougars? Mention Mayor Gavin Newsom. He’s the number one cougar crush, but getting a little long in the tooth for their tastes. Be the next boy to rock the world of a cougar and remember, once you hear someone howl, “Body shots!” you’re in.

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  • joe

    Just a pathetic article. These so called cougars are nothing but old hos looking for a superficial sexual relationship, nothing more. So just call it what is. Pickup joints for some older womans booty call. If guys want a meaningful long term relationship with a woman who cares more about them than their body, they definitely won’t have anything to do with women who want to be known as a cougar.

    • John

      that comment was written by a woman JO…cuz any red blooded male would be thrilled to be some older womans booty call and would have no issues in doing so. Give up the disguise JOE…we aint biting your male.

  • Tim Welch

    The above comment was OBVIOUSLY written by a puma… one who managed to skip the cougar phase because she couldn’t land any hot young prey. Now, with certainty, she has 14 cats, owns 7 trench coats length sweaters and bags of bread crumbs to feed birds.

  • Jash

    Who wrote this article? Some idiot who made it up, that’s who!

  • Sarah

    This is so sexist and offensive.When was the last time you read an article about where to go so that older men pick up younger women? You haven’t and that is because it is everywhere….

    • Ancient Pollyanna

      Call me sexist, but I want to know where the grown-up men hang out!

  • Ral

    Is this a true article or merely an advertisement paid by the aforementioned bars?

  • shaun

    leave it to a woman to complain about a fun article being sexest.

    on another note: can anybody confirm whether those bars listed above are quality or not?

    By the way: JOE – your a chick and your hater.

  • johnny

    Harry’s Bar is lame with or without cougars.

    • Grateful Review

      At last, a redeeming review!


    i know the cougar is a wonderful and gorgeous female (30 – 45 years) with sexual big apetit (little nympho ) who want younger male for just her pleasure.
    Maybe i wrong. but here in my country (ROMANIA) we don’t know very much about this ladies. It is a good thing when young man look for fine woman. but … not too long time, to get obsesiv, and maybe freudian thing.
    Am i right ?
    Please more comment.
    I like to know more and maybe to get a job at one this lady … to help her to lot of things ( have a good one 17 cm).
    Thanks a lot for your time.

  • Latoya Princes Diamond


  • todd

    Good pick up joint.

  • Ancient Pollyanna

    I want to look at MEN, not other cougars! Where do the older more mature and straight men hang out in San Francisco?

    • UrbanCowboy


      To your first comment it’s not sexist it’s ageist. Men hang out where women are known to be. My guess is try your luck at happy hour in the financial district or Marina.

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