‘…And The Bride Wore’ 2014 Color Trends For Modern Brides

March 18, 2014 6:31 PM

Vera Wang Fall 2014

3309129 ...And The Bride Wore 2014 Color Trends For Modern Brides(credit: “Getty Hulton Archives)


71584694 ...And The Bride Wore 2014 Color Trends For Modern Brides

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Not anymore. From radical red to bold black … brides can and do wear every shade in the rainbow on their wedding day. Celebrities are notorious for breaking the color barriers when they march down the aisle. Marilyn Monroe shocked the fashion world when she wed Joe DiMaggio in a basic black suit. Decades later, Avril Lavigne and Sara Jessica Parker donned the same black palette when they said ‘I do.”

So what’s new?


Vera Wang 2014

Vera Wang

Vera Wang’s Fall 2014 collection splashed on runway with virtually every shade of pink — pale pink, blushing pink, peachy pink, pink so deep it’s almost orange/red/purple. Celebrities Jessica Biel, Gwen Stefani, Kaley Cuoco and Reese Witherspoon donned it for their weddings, but they wore very expensive couture gowns. Now, pink is no longer a ‘custom’ color… and it’s beautiful at every price point.

Color psychologists claim pink connotes unconditional love and understanding, giving, and nurturing. Maybe that’s why it’s the color of choice for baby girls. According to ‘Empower Yourself With Color Psychology.com’ pink calms the physical passion and power of red.”

Pink, in all of its variations can be found this season. Here are a few other wedding gown designers ‘in the pink’ this season:

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