Top Quirky San Francisco Styles

November 8, 2010 12:21 PM

Cashmere sweater


Here are some wonderfully quirky fashion trends we’ve seen in San Francisco lately.
Cashmere sweater



Cashmere is always in season in San Francisco, because it’s always freezing cold at night here! This luxe cashmere sweater by Velvet with bat wing sleeves and updated grandpa chic makes me wish the fall would just hurry up and make everything a little more chilly so that I can bundle up in it and then head to the Revolution Cafe with my friends and have a glass of red on the outdoor terrace in the crisp night air. And this is coming from a girl who HATES being cold.

Anyway, I love the slouchy shape of a batwing cashmere sweater so much that I compiled a list of some of my other faves for the season:

Happy shopping.

Software entrepreneur Rob Meadow's fashion line, Thrive

credit: Thrive


When I read the following excerpt from an interview in the SF Chronicle, I was skeptical at first:
“But when Silicon Valley entrepreneur Rob Meadows thought about fashion, he imagined a purple-green halter dress and shiny suits of gold lace. So after he sold his mobile software company, Lumitrend Inc., in 2006 for millions of dollars (the amount was not disclosed), he decided to start his own clothing line rather than create another tech company.”

First of all, tech geeks aren’t exactly known for being fashion forward. They are known for carrying Timbuk2 bags and wearing Crocs. Secondly, what is a purple-green halter dress? What is purple-green?? But, when I looked up his clothing line, Thrive, I was shocked. Meadows’ line is really cute. No, more than that. It was progressive, modern, and I would personally wear anything from his collections.

Fashion Rich-in-Craft Antler Bag

credit: Rich-in-Craft

“Folie a Deux” bag

We are in love with Rich-in-Craft’s antler bag, named the “Folie a Deux” bag. The bags are 100% wool with a silk lining, and the antlers are polyurethane and glass, made from a mold custom made by the desigers themselves. Rich-in-Craft is co-owned by L.A. designers, Tiffani Anne Williams and Parker Todd Brooks. The Folie-a-Deux bag is their first design available to the public. Only 36 of these bags have been made! Extraordinarily lovely.

Fashion Ugly Sweaters

credit: Juliette Tang

Ugly Sweaters

Ugly sweaters are one of my favorite fashion do’s. First of all, the ugly sweater has been a part of our collective fashion consciousness since birth. Remember your first grade teacher who’d wear those amazing sweaters that had like, kittens playing with balls of yarn? Or the teddy bear sweaters with the puffy paint that your weird aunt wore and you always sort of held a private fascination for, even if just because it was so heinously heinous? I was practically born with an ugly sweater on, and I’m proud to say that the Cosby Show provides an endless wealth of fashion inspiration.

Meet Justin Epstein, a fellow ugly sweater enthusiast who has an entire collection of hideous sweaters in his closet. Like me, Justin has been wearing ugly sweaters since fashionable childhood.

What a little fashion plate! These days, Justin can be found roaming the streets of SF in an assortment of bloodcurdling sweaters. Of all the people I’ve ever met in my life, Justin’s personal style is closest to that of my beloved grandma. Here in San Francisco, where it gets so cold at night, ugly sweaters are the perfect way to spice up a dive bar or your co-workers’ parties. Trust.

Fashion Cufflinks

Transit Token Cufflinks

San Francisco transit token cufflinks. Sterling silver, original issue, and mint condition, these cufflinks come in their own cute map-encased box. Would you wear these?

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