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NFL Star Victor Cruz Gets Put On BLAST By His Fiancee After She Sends Group Text!Looks like while the New York Giants receiver was supposed to be rehabbing an injury he was busy doing something else. And he GOT CAUGHT! (10.8.2015)
Bay Area Startup Aims to Make Dealing with Bureaucracies EasierTwo Bay Area twenty-somethings have come up with a unique business: For $5, they'll say they'll help you cancel your Comcast service in five minutes.
Bay Lights Are Back For Super Bowl 50Crews worked all night to string the lights. Wilson Walker has more. (10/8/15)
Thursday Forecast With Roberta GonzalesClouds have surged onshore and marched locally Inland. Clouds retreat to ample sunshine and slightly warmer conditions and drier air mass. Roberta Gonzales has the complete forecast. (10/8/15)
Bay Area Hip Hop Artist Running For President Would Legalize Marijuana, Make Education FreeA hip hop artist from the Bay Area is out to give Donald Trump a run for his money.
Police Use Cat To Coax Suspect Down From Ledge In San FranciscoPolice lured a suspect down from a ledge in San Francisco with a little help from a feline. (10/8/15)
3 Arrested In Portland In Slaying Of Prominent Therapist Along Fairfax TrailThree people were arrested in Portland, Oregon in connection with the death of therapist Steve Carter on a trail in Marin County. Andria Borba reports. (10/7/15)
Uber, Airbnb Execs Sued Over Sex Harassment, Wage Violation AllegationsA former nanny for an Uber executive, and an Airbnb executive is suing over a slew of allegations. Mark Kelly reports. (10/7/15)
Felony Suspect Escapes Bailbondsman In San JoseA handcuffed suspect managed to escape custody outside a jail in San Jose. Betty Yu reports. (10/7/15)
Jefferson Award Winners: Joanne and Mark PerraThis week's Jefferson Award Winners combine their passion for science with their passion for educating children. Sharon Chin reports. (10/7/15)
San Francisco Housing Crunch Leading To Fewer Gas StationsA side effect of San Francisco's hot housing market is that more gas stations are being closed to make way for condos. Mike Sugerman reports. (10/7/15)
San Jose Suspect Escapes From Bail BondsmanSan Jose police are combing the downtown area Wednesday night searching for a suspect who was able to give a bail bondsman the slip. Len Ramirez reports. (10/7/15)
Parents, Students Say 3rd Grader Terrorizing Mt. Diablo SchoolA third grader is causing a lot of trouble at a Mount Diablo elementary school, parents and students say. Da Lin reports. (10/7/15)
Wednesday Night Forecast With Brian HackneyExpect conditions to warm up through the weekend. Brian Hackney has the forecast. (10/7/15)