ConsumerWatch: Laws To Protect Kids From Spy Toys
From dolls that talk to Teddy Bears that send messages, Internet-connected products pick up a lot of personal information. California could become the first state to require so-called smart devices to come with additional security and privacy protection. Julie Watts reports. (4-20-17)


Wednesday Morning Forecast With Roberta GonzalesExpect overcast conditions and drizzle, particularly along the coast on Wednesday. During the afternoon hours, winds should increase, keeping temperatures relatively cool for this time of year. Roberta Gonzales has the forecast. (8/16/17)
Oakland Family To Be Deported After Last-Minute Request DeniedAn Oakland nurse and her husband facing deportation are expected to leave the United States Wednesday after their last-minute request to stay was denied. The couple will be leaving three of their four children behind. Neda Iranpour reports. (8/16/17)
Gunman Opens Fire On I-880 In HaywardA gunman opened fire on Interstate 880 in Hayward late Tuesday night, injuring a passenger in another vehicle. Jessica Flores reports. (8/16/17)
Trump Blames Violence On Both Sides At CharlottesvilleTrump response to protesters in Charlottesville spurs renewed calls for his impeachment. Katie Nielsen reports. (8/15/17)
Mister Manners Discusses Etiquette Of Splitting The BillMister Manners, Thomas Farley, discusses proper etiquette for when and how to split the bill. Veronica De La Cruz reports. (8/15/17)
Google And UC Berkeley Team Up With A Thousand Solar Eclipse PhotographersA thousand amateur photographers will help UC Berkeley and Google capture the coming total solar eclipse. Kiet Do reports. (8/15/17)

Family & Parenting

Reports Of Fidget Spinners Catching FireThis year’s hottest toy may be a little too hot. Consumerwatch reporter Julie Watts reports on cases of fidget spinners catching fire.
DNNC Steps To Success Is Helping Single Moms SucceedDelane Sims and Myeshia Jefferson of DNNC Steps to Success tells us how their program is helping single moms get back on their feet using their own two hands.
SF Rec and Park Says So Long to Sand in Kids' Play AreasPlaying in sand boxes has long been a part of the childhood experience but, in San Francisco, the city is phasing them out and many parents are steamed. Christin Ayers reports. (7-21-17)

Consumer News

Auto Insurance Rates Climb To New HeightsCar insurance rates are on the rise due to more cars on the road and rising health care costs. Julie Watts reports. (8/14/17)
ConsumerWatch: Digging Out of DebtIt's estimated that nearly three-quarters of college graduates are stuck with student debt. Now, a San Francisco startup says it can slash loan payments. Julie Watts reports. (8-10-17)
Reports Of Fidget Spinners Catching FireThis year’s hottest toy may be a little too hot. Consumerwatch reporter Julie Watts reports on cases of fidget spinners catching fire.

Gov't, Politics & Law

Bay Area Man Identified As Taking Part In Charlottesville RallyA Bay Area man is among those who have been identified as taking part in the white supremacist Charlottesville rally. Sharon Chin reports. (8/14/17)
Protests Planned At Google In Support Of Fired EngineerProtesters plan to descend on Google headquarters in support of a fired engineer. Melissa Caen reports. (8/14/17)
Talking Politics: McConnell Abides / Trump BravadoWill the senate majority leader prevail in his ongoing tussle with the president over who deserves blame for a flubbed Obamacare repeal? Also, who is Pres. Trump's blustery rhetoric about North Korea appealing to? KPIX 5's Phil Matier, Melissa Caen and former S.F. mayor and Calif. Assembly speaker Willie Brown discuss. (8-13-17)


NRA TV Host Walks Back Tweet Suggesting N. Korea Attack CaliforniaNRA TV host Grant Stinchfield is under fire after a tweet he posted suggesting Kim Jong-un aim a nuclear missile at Sacramento, California. Melissa Caen has more.
Google Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Gender DiscriminationDozens of women have come forward accusing Google of gender discrimination. Kiet Do reports. (8/9/17)
ConsumerWatch: Net Neutrality ShowdownThe FCC is taking public comment on a proposal to eliminate so-called net neutrality protections and consumer reporter Julie Watts takes a look at what that could mean for the future of the Internet. (7-16-17)

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