PG&E Power Outage

California Power Shutoffs Highlight Widening Income GapBlackouts are highlighting the divide in Northern California where growing income disparity means access to reliable electricity is available to the affluent but increasingly out-of-reach for the economically vulnerable.
PG&E Defends Blackouts, Shows Line Damage That Might Have Sparked FiresPG&E officials defended their use of this week's public safety power shutoff saying crews inspecting lines after this week's high winds have found 50 cases so far of damage or hazard to their equipment.
With Power Mostly Restored, PG&E Warns of Future Safety ShutoffsAll but one county in the Bay Area on Saturday morning had power fully restored to customers affected by PG&E's Public Safety Power Shutoff.
PG&E Restores Power to 97% of Customers Impacted by ShutoffsPacific Gas & Electric says it has restored power to 97 percent of the customers it deliberately blacked out because of weather-related fire concerns.
Coroner: PG&E Power Shutoff Did Not Caused Death Of Pollock Pines Man On OxygenNorthern California fire officials say a man dependent on oxygen died about 12 minutes after Pacific Gas and Electric shut down power to the area as part of a massive effort to prevent fire.
PG&E CEO Apologizes To Customers: 'We Were Not Adequately Prepared'PG&E officials announced Thursday afternoon that improving weather conditions in areas impacted by the Public Safety Power Shutoff had improved enough for an "all clear" to be issued for crews to begin safety inspections.