OAKLAND, Calif. (KCBS)- Protests left a trail of broken windows and graffiti on Broadway, Webster, Telegraph and Franklin Streets in downtown Oakland Thursday night.

Most of it was caused by so-called anarchists. One man who participated in protesting wouldn’t give his name.

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“As far as small businesses go, I am not concerned with anything, but as far as Subway goes or a Rite-Aid, or a Walgreen’s, or a bank, I don’t care what happens to those businesses,” said the protestor.

Most of the damage was done to Foot Locker, Sears, Wells Fargo Bank, Union Bank and 24-Hour Fitness, where customers coming to work out Friday morning were turned away as the staff cleaned up broken glass.

83 people were arrested and are in jail on charges ranging from vandalism to resisting arrest.

Meanwhile at the Fruitvale BART station, where Oscar Grant was shot and killed on New Years Day 2009, KCBS’ Bob Melrose reports one of the strangest feelings was to watch everybody leave their offices and to leave downtown on BART and on the freeways to get out-of-town before the verdict was read.

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But some have come back Friday morning to the BART station to voice their opinion.

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Janette Evans does not like the verdict and doesn’t know if the community will heal.

“They didn’t have any black jurors and I think they came here too fast with a verdict. They should have taken some time out and made a delay on it and did it over the weekend,” said Evans.

Many feel that the deliberations, that only lasted a day, should have gone longer and that an unjust verdict was delivered.

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