OAKLAND, Calif. (KCBS) The state of California has been named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed on behalf of parents and students which claims that education funding violates the state constitution.

The complaint was filed Monday in Alameda County Superior Court by a coalition of students, parents and nonprofit advocacy groups representing low-income families.

Plaintiffs claim California is racing to the bottom among the lowest education-achieving states.

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“We view litigation as a measure of last resort,” said Jeremy Lahoud with the Campaign for Quality Education. “But we can’t wait any longer. We’re losing a whole generation of students.”

Lahoud’s group is part of a coalition suing the state on constitutional grounds.

“What we do ask the court to do is declare the present system unconstitutional,” said attorney Marty Glick.

He said it is also unfair, especially for low income students.

Attorney Rohit Singla said funding for classrooms is also at record lows.

“It is really beyond doubt that the state is not meeting its constitutional obligation,” said Singla. “There is nobody today who believes the state is living up to standards set out for it in the constitution.”

The lawsuit seeks billions of dollars in additional education spending. Governor Schwarzenegger’s Office said they will defend the suit vigorously.

  1. BOBBY says:

    Having attended both primary and secondary schools over 60 yrs ago in California, I view the system as bloated and way behind many other states in teaching and learning expierences!! I had to buy my books in Indiana in elementary school and had some of the same text books several years later in CA Jr high school!!