SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is looking to help decrease pollution by helping drivers get a little cash for their old car.

“We have a wonderful program called the Vehicle Buy Back Program,” said Karen Roselius with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. “It’s really a win-win for everyone. It’s great for residents. They get a $1,000 for their older vehicles. And we all get cleaner air to breathe as a result of this program.”

Roselius said automobile pollution accounts for more than half of the overall pollution in the Bay Area, and that’s why the District has been buying back older cars for almost 15 years.

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And for those unsure if their car would qualify or not?

“Some of the basic requirements are that the vehicle be model year 1989 or older. They must be currently registered and operable in the Bay Area,” said Roselius. “And if they are within 60 days of a required smog check, they must pass their smog check.”

Roselius said the District has gotten 50,000 polluting cars and trucks off the road since the program began in 1996.