California’s candidates for U.S. Senate are making claims and counter-claims over job stimulation. Challenger Carly Fiorina is refuting statements made by incumbent Barbara Boxer, who made a campaign stop on the Peninsula Monday.

Boxer visited Foster City where SolarCity has added over 700 workers since its 2006 opening. Senator Barbara Boxer received a warm enthusiastic welcome from employees of the clean energy firm. Applauding loudly as Boxer highlighted legislative accomplishments to boost the nation’s workforce.

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“These are policies that keep us moving forward, keep our country moving forward,” said Boxer. “We are creating, and continuing to create clean energy jobs.”

Boxer went on to say that if opponent Carly Fiorina prevails, California will move back in time. From the Fiorina camp, spokeswoman Julie Soderlund counters saying the stimulus bill failed to live up to its promises.

“That is a failure by any measure,” said Soderlund. “For Barbara Boxer to be taking on this issue, first of all is interesting, and it is a bit hypocritical, and it flies in conflict with her record.”

What both campaigns do agree on, is that voters will have a clear choice in differences.

Comments (2)
  1. AJ Buttacavoli says:

    Boxer is so over.

  2. RL NALDUCCI says:

    One is hard-pressed to think of anything [Fiorina] did during her time at either Lucent or HP that wasn’t designed to burnish her own image — at the sacrifice of anyone who got in her way. Indeed, that’s exactly what she’s doing now with her self-exculpatory book: blaming the victims — that is, everyone but herself — for her failings as a manager. Vote No for Fiorina.

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