SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KCBS) _ An even smarter smart meter system will soon be installed in the city of Santa Clara, where the local utility will read electricity usage using the city’s Wi-Fi system.

The new meters will, in a sense, “talk” to one another transmitting messages and correcting themselves automatically.

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“So if there’s an issue, we can find a path through other meters,” said Mark Munday, President and CEO of Elster Solutions of North Carolina.

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The company has been contracted by Silicon Valley Power to install the smart meter system.

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Utility spokesman Larry Owens said the meters will piggy-back onto the city’s already existing Wi-Fi network.

“We’ve been testing it for use with multiple things including bringing back meter reading,” said Owens.

He said they are taking their installations slowly, given the controversies surrounding PG&E’s smart meters, which have reportedly caused spikes in some power bills.

“I guess because a person is not familiar with them, it’s a concern,” said one Santa Clara resident.

She said she wishes she knew more about how smart meters work.

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Smart meters for commercial customers will go out sometime next year, followed by residential customers in 2012.