SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCBS) _ Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a pair of bills last week to honor the life and legacy of the man known as California’s favorite son.

One bill designates February 6th as Ronald Reagan Day in California. And the other creates a state commission to plan celebrations for the 100th anniversary of Reagan’s birth in 1911.

“For something like that, we have to celebrate. We’ve got to celebrate really big,” said Schwarzenegger. “Maybe we’ll throw a huge parade or name a college after him, a mountain range after him, a lake after him.”

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Governor Schwarzenegger escorted Nancy Reagan to the bill signing ceremony at the Ronald Reagan Library.

Schwarzenegger called Reagan his hero and the man who inspired him to enter politics.

“I have pictures of him in my office. The Cabinet Room is named after him, the Ronald Reagan Cabinet Room,” he said. “When we make decisions, we always think first about what would Ronnie have done with this problem.”

Schwarzenegger was especially fond of Reagan’s way of handling things with humor and he said he was the first person he voted for in this country when he was able to vote.

  1. BlueRuby says:

    I think of Reagan often especially now that we have a President that divides the parties and the races. Reagan was such a uniter and digified President. The closest we almost came to was McCain but hopefully we won’t have to suffer much longer. In all my years I have never seen such an awful leader of Our Country as Obama. What a joke he is!