Oakland marked National Night Out Tuesday with block parties across the city with the goal of neighbors getting to know each other in order to to keep their neighborhoods safe.

The parties featured kids jumping in bouncy houses, teens played football in the street, and adults barbecuing. There were more than 450 parties across Oakland, intending to raise crime prevention awareness and help neighbors get to know each other.

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“First of all, I think Oakland needs to start enforcing the curfew for the kids, because I see a lot of kids hanging out at night,” said neighbor Denise.

“We have a lot of crime around this area, you know, a lot of shootings,” said one woman who didn’t want her name used. “I feel like if the community just stuck together, not to snitch on someone, but if you see something report it, you don’t have to give your name.”

She says reporting crime is even more important, with fewer police on the streets. Oakland laid of 80 officers last months due to budget troubles.