HOMER, Alaska (AP) — An online video shows Sarah Palin engaging a protester in front of a banner that calls her the “WORST GOVERNOR EVER.”
Media personality Shannyn Moore, a Palin critic, posted video of Saturday’s encounter in Homer, Alaska, to YouTube. Moore says the former GOP vice presidential nominee was in Homer to shoot scenes for her upcoming TV series.
The video shows Kathleen Gustafson telling Palin she wanted her to honor her responsibilities as governor, but Palin quit “when cash was waved” in her face.
Palin responds: “Oh, you wanted me to be your governor. I’m honored. Thank you.”
She tells Gustafson she’s fighting for the Constitution. But Gustafson counters that Palin is not representing Alaska’s interests.
Gustafson said Monday that she has nothing more to say. A Palin aide didn’t immediately return a call.

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  1. Tony G says:

    Saw the video and it was an Oh Oh moment for Palin and her security kept trying to get in the way of the camera was plenty funny