SAN FRANCISO (KCBS) _ The taxi driver that helped San Francisco police nab some of those involved in the fatal shooting of a German tourist Sunday night said he was just doing his duty as a citizen.

The cabbie, who doesn’t want his name released, spoke to KCBS’ Holly Quan and said he had just dropped off a fare when he saw people running at Geary and Mason where the shooting occurred.

He said his senses told him something was wrong.

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“I spotted the guys jumping into the car and followed them across Union Square as they picked up some more people,” he said. “I just followed them down Stockton. I know the light timing everywhere in the city so it was really easy for me to follow them from a block back without them realizing I was following them.”

He called police, giving them a detailed description of what he was seeing as he followed them to the front of the Hotel Palomar at 4th and Market.

That was when police surrounded the suspect car.

He got a congratulatory call from Mayor Gavin Newsom on Monday and said that taxi drivers are an extra set of eyes on the street.

He also said it is their obligation to report things that they see to police.

“I like to say that everybody hates a cab driver until they need one. And that’s pretty true,” he said. “But cab drivers are good guys. We’re out there looking out for the city.”

The driver, who said he doesn’t want his name used for fear of retribution, celebrated his birthday on Tuesday.

Police Still Looking for Suspects.

San Francisco police say they are still looking for suspects in the fatal shooting of that German tourist Sunday night.

Police had already arrested 18-year-old Phillip Stewart, who was one of five people detained in connection with the death of 50-year-old Mechthild Schroer of Minden, Germany.

But on Tuesday, prosecutors said they did not have enough evidence to charge him.

The case remains under active investigation and investigators are continuing to collect ballistics evidence, gunshot residue and video evidence in the case.

Schroer was fatally shot around 9 p.m. while walking with her husband near Union Square.

Police say she was apparently not the intended victim and that she was caught in an altercation between two groups of mostly teenagers that began inside at a party.

Schroer’s husband, Stefan was unharmed.

Comments (2)
  1. Zack Debarco says:

    The world is watching on how this case gets prosecuted. Based on the ultra liberal bent of SF I am not holding my breath.

  2. C says:

    and if any suspects are arrested and prosecuted, DA Pamela Harris won’t even seek the death penalty for this vicious murder of a German tourist. Is Germany going to do a ban on San Francisco, as SF has done with Arizona?
    It sickens me as a SF native that this city has gone to hell by those elected to protect and look out for others (Mayor and DA).