SAN FRANCISCO, (KCBS)_ Those rentable bounce houses certainly make a kids party, but there’s a dark side to the frolics and fun.

Charles Margulis with the Center for Environmental Health says they found very high levels of lead in most of the bounce houses that were rented from companies in the Bay Area and that they’re suing numerous manufacturers of bounce houses to demand they stop using vinyl containing lead.

“There’s a concern because high levels of lead can come off onto kids’ hands when they’re bouncing and obviously if they put their hands in their mouth and they eat food afterward, that’s going to be a lead exposure problem,” said Margulis.

The lead is in the vinyl and federal regulations limit the amount of lead a toy can contain. Margulis found bounce houses that contained 70 times the legal limit of lead allowed.

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One of the bounce house manufacturers being sued says it now uses vinyl from a supplier that has lab tests proving its product is safe and compliant with health regulations.

The Center for Environmental Health says children should wash their hands and faces as soon as they’re done playing and change their clothes once they get home.

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