Police are searching for the suspects who shot and killed a Napa College business student as he waited for his girlfriend outside her Vallejo home Saturday night.

Rubin Martinez, 22, was sitting inside his 1996 Chevy Tahoe with chrome rims at Beach and Central streets, waiting for Jessica Bianco, when he was approached by three carjacking suspects. Investigators believe Martinez tried to race away from the suspects, when one or more of them opened fire.

Martinez was shot in the head, and lost control of his SUV, crashing into a stop sign, a tree, and finally into the garage of a nearby home.

Jessica’s father, Robert Bianco, saw the smoke and fire from the crash, and ran to Martinez’s SUV to try to pull him out, but couldn’t get to him.

“I told the paramedics to let me know what happened because he’s my daughter’s boyfriend and I’m strong enough to handle it,” said Bianco. “I asked if he was really bad, and they told me he’d been shot in the head.”

Neighbors say they saw three African American men, wearing dark clothes, but there’s no other description of the suspects.

Jessica Bianco is appealing to anyone who may have seen something to give police a call, even anonymously.

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  1. fix the crime! says:

    why couldnt Martinez just run over the 3 morons