SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)_ Back-ups going Northbound to the Golden Gate Bridge during weekday afternoon commutes have been getting more and more frequent in recent weeks.

Now the Bridge District and CalTrans are trying to do something about it.

Northbound traffic has been backing up from the Golden Gate Bridge Toll Plaza all the way to Lombard Street and the Marina.

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One commuter has a hard time figuring out why traffic is swinging over so badly.

“What’s weird about it is that when I’m driving up there, I’m always trying to see what it is that they’re doing as far as the road work.  I can never figure it out,” says the commuter.

Bridge District Spokeswoman Mary Currie says there are a lot of different factors involved.

“The number of lanes is there, it’s just the congestion is a result of a combination of tourists and local San Franciscans making the detour to get to south highway 1 and 101,” says Currie.

She says the district and CalTrans are trying to make things easier and hope to have a plan in place after the Labor Day weekend when traffic patterns change once again.


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