SAN FRANCISCO, (KCBS)_  Students around the Bay Area are packing their backpacks as they prepare to head back to school.

At Mission High School in San Francisco, despite shrinking school budgets, the academic expectations have been raised.

Samantha Jimenez looked over her schedule and other students lined up to get theirs in the hallway of Mission high school.

She knows high school will be different than what it was like when she was a student at Everett Middle School.

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“People take it more seriously, really do their work and are really on top of their grades,” says Jimenez.

She and her friends have every expectation they will go to college and that is what they are being prepared for.

All incoming freshmen in the SFUSD, are now required to take classes that would make them eligible to attend the University of California in order to graduate.

Mom Charla Franklin, was on hand as her daughter prepares for the big first day.

“It’s a lot that they have to go through with all the tests and all that. We didn’t have to go through that when we were in high school,” says Franklin.

Even though she won’t be offering help with the homework, she’s happy about the rigor and wants her daughter to avoid the peer pressure.

“I just tell her to ignore all that and get your education,” Franklin added.

The SFUSD goes back to school on Monday.

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