Ike’s, the uber-popular mini-sandwich shop in San Francisco’s Castro District, won’t be closing anytime soon, thanks to a mix-up in court paperwork.

The shop, where customers routinely wait in line for hours, drew the ire of neighbors who were fed-up with the garbage, noise and dozens of people milling about day and night. They sued hoping to close the shop. But owner Ike Sehadeh tells KCBS paperwork filed by the angry neighbors wrongly lists him, and not his company, as the defendant in the case. He says the mistake will allow his shop to stay open for the foreseeable future.

“Before this, Ike’s Place lost due to a mess up in the paperwork, and now we’re actually not going to get evicted based on some of the paperwork,” said Sehadeh. “It’s not my mess up, but the other side’s mess-up. Now we’ve both messed up and it’s like a new ball game, time to start all over again.”