Santa Cruz County is challenging just how “smart” and safe PG&E’s new Smart Meters really are, and it could lead to a moratorium on further installations. Supervisor John Leopold convinced fellow supervisors to challenge both the health and accuracy of the high-tech meters.

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“Given the fact that there were problems with billing, and problems with accuracy, we thought it would be important to have a moratorium to work out those problems,” said Leopold.

In addition, some people say the electromagnetic radio signals on the meters pose a health threat.

PG&E spokesman Matt Naumen says the utility company has slowed Smart Meter installations in some areas while community outreach continues.

The Santa Cruz County Counsel will report back to supervisors in two weeks, about the time an administrative law judge rules on earlier calls for moratoriums. An outside review by a consultant hired by the state Public Utilities Commission will be released around September 2nd.

Comments (3)
  1. PotSmokers says:

    Why does Santa Cruz have so many idiots?

    1. HMG says:

      Dear PotSmokers, 2 questions if I may: Are you refering to yourself in the question you posed and do you live in Santa Cruz? Because if you don’t I suggest that you let the lawmakers and residents of Santa Cruz decide what is good for their health and electricity bills.

    2. PacmanJ says:

      Because you are their leader.

      Seriously, I refused to have a smart meter at my house unless they put one side by side with my old meter which I have had since 1972… Never heard back from the Contractor that PGE hired.