SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) _ Students at San Francisco schools are showing marked improvements when it comes to eating healthy, thanks to the district’s nutritional program.

But Francisco Middle School Principal Judy Giampaoli said that wasn’t always the case.

“They might go and purchase five years ago, french fries and a chocolate chip cookie,” she said. “And that might be lunch for them.”

Zetta Reicker with San Francisco Unified School District’s Food Services said the fries and sodas have been replaced with more balanced, healthy meals.

“This is a rotini, whole wheat rotini bake and a teriyaki-glazed chicken,” said Reicker. “A bean and cheese burrito, then we have a couple of sandwiches: one is a turkey, ham and cheese and the other is a tomato, pesto mozzarella.”

State Superintendent Jack O’ Connell and an official from the Department of Agriculture congratulated the students for eating better and exercising to stay in shape.