CUPERTINO (KCBS) – Monday was the first day of instruction at De Anza College. However, many students were turned away from class. It was a simple mathematical equation: there were more students than the number of available parking spaces, desks and chairs on campus.

“I believe it was 10:20 a.m., the parking lots were completely filled,” explained De Anza Vice President Christina Espinosa-Pieb. “We were impacting the city streets at that point and we had students saying they couldn’t get in and what if they missed their class? And so we were advising students to not miss.”

A record 11,000 De Anza students were wait-listed for classes that are already full for the fall term.

Students who were unable to make it to the first day of class risked losing their spot on an instructor’s roster. There were often two or three dozen students on any given wait list, waiting to take their place.

“The instructors are, in fact, taking roll,” warned Espinosa-Pieb. “And if somebody is not there, they’ve got 30 people waiting desperately to get in.”

Animation major Calvin Lam witnessed first-hand how stiff the competition was for open spots. One of his instructors announced an almost unheard of two openings Monday.

“You have to fight for it,” he explained.

Students rushed to the front of the classroom, pushing and shoving in hopes of reaching the instructor.

“There’s going to be hair-pulling,” he joked.

One student, who identified himself as Justin, was among the wait-listed.

“At the end of the class it felt like every student was fighting for their spot,” he said. “You know, right when the teacher said, alright, all adds to the front, everyone starts rushing in. I mean, I rushed in, I cut too. There was pushing, shoving.”

De Anza, along with Foothill Community College, also in Silicon Valley, are the last community colleges in California to begin the fall semester.

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  1. says:

    That’s crazy. De Anza knows how many students are wait listed and who are enrolled. The should plan better for the first day of school.

  2. Val says:

    I don’t get why everyone HAS to go to DeAnza. There are plenty of great community colleges out there that does just as or even better than DeAnza. I go to a great community school & I don’t have to fight for a spot in class. DeAnza is too much like high school ’cause everyone you know goes there.

  3. Calvin Lam says:

    I agree with Val. I was the one interviewed, and.. i’m pretty sad about the fact they only quoted me for that one line. I had several great ones. LOL. But yeah. A school of 40% asian, and of that 40, probably 20 -25% of them are international, its reasonable. Cupertino is a hotspot for asians, and asians are pretty cheap on gas, and anything else that involves spending, so that explains why they wouldn’t travel a extra mile or two to go to school. SIGH*, WHy are so MUCH OF US!? it ain’t fair!

  4. Justin Toh says:

    Hey that’s me! didn’t think i would have my 5 mins of fame hahah but anyways I really agree with Calvin since he did have great points. Overall thanks for the interview it was fun.

  5. Edison GIang says:

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  6. ... says: